Cinema quality glass optics designed specifically for high resolution digital mirrorless formats


A true cinema design specifically for Mirrorless means a truly compact lens design for modern camera movement and flexibility on set. 


Choose your lens mount: Micro 4/3, Sony E, Fuji X, and C mount. All standard configurable options for your mirrorless cinema lenses.

About Veydra

Forged in the flames of on-set production and decades of lens design experience, Veydra makes the highest quality mirrorless cinema lenses available.

We believe a set of good glass will outlast any digital camera 10:1. We hope that you will join our growing family of dedicated filmmakers and commercial cinematographers. Trust Veydra and invest in the best glass available for mirrorless cameras.

Hundreds of happy clients

What Makes Veydra Primes Special

Veydra Mini Primes represent the top of small format short flange focal distance cinema lens design and mechanics. Veydra Mini Primes are different from other compact lenses used for cinematography because they are a ground-up true cinema design and not rehoused still photography lenses with cinema gears. The effects of a true cinema design on your image are less image shift, less focus breathing, higher resolution, and longer focus throw for smooth focus pulls.

In addition to superior optical design made specifically for cinema, Veydra Mini Primes also feature all metal construction, motion picture industry standard 0.8 module geared iris and focus rings with the same position for fast lens changes, common 80mm matte box friendly front diameters with 77mm screw-in filter threads for complete lens shading and filter choices to match your budget and other accessories.