Veydra Lenses Kickstarter Update: BMPCC Test footage



Hello Everyone,

Here are some more complete tests from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) shot by Jared Abrams at Wide Open Camera for everyone to review using the Veydra Lenses Micro 4/3 Mini Primes. We are confident you will be happy with the performance of Veydra Mini Primes and we have put them up against some popular lenses.

As I said in the GH4 Update, we have been working hard on this for the last week so please understand we couldn’t test everything against every lens on every camera. Lens tests are very difficult with multiple criteria and the possibilities are nearly endless. We feel that what we have given you here is a good representation of what the Veydra Lenses Micro 4/3 Mini Primes can do as if you were going to test them for rental.

On this Test we used a BMPCC and you will find the following; Focus Breathing, Color Matching within the set of lenses, Flare, Contrast, Skintones, and Bokeh.  You will find different subject matter for the skintone tests than our GH4 update.

These are straight from the ProRes file off the BMPCC with the exception that we did crush the black levels a bit to help with overall viewability.  Most scenes are shot at T4 because we could not get a usable exposure from T2.2 at the lowest ASA setting on the BMPCC and we did not want to introduce an ND filter for the added variable of extra glass.

We recommend that these files are best viewed in high resolution ProRes 422 HQ as a downloaded from our Dropbox page here:

Veydra Mini Prime Test on BMPCC:

Thanks again to everyone for the support.  We are well over 100% funding so Veydra Lenses Micro 4/3  Mini Primes are happening!