Veydra Universal Lens Support Kit with 1/4-20 to 15mm LWS Adapter

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This kit combines both the Veydra Universal Lens Support and the 1/4-20 to 15mm Light Weight Support Adapter.

The Universal Lens Support for all Veydra Mini Primes prevents available M4/3, Sony E, and C Mounts from rotating when a follow focus is used.  Simply clamp it onto the Mini Prime lens and thread the bottom brass 1/4-20 thread into the included 15mm LWS Rod to 1/4-20 adapter.

The Veydra 1/4-20 to 15mm Light Weight Support is designed to slide into 15mm LWS rods like the D|Focus DSLR Baseplate and thread into the bottom of the included Veydra Mini Prime Universal Lens Support.

How To Use the Veydra Universal Lens Support.