Veydra Lenses 12mm Mini Prime Delivery Update, New Sony E and C Mounts, Lens Support

12mm Mini Prime Delivery Update

Hello again everyone.  We cannot thank all of you enough for being patient and waiting for the 12mm to deliver.  We have had significant challenges in producing this lens on a mass scale.  All wide angle lenses are very difficult to manufacture. Flatness of the focus across the image and accuracy of the focus scale are both big problems for all wide angle lens manufacturers.  We are no exception.  We have finally resolved the production issues that have caused multiple delays in the shipment of the 12mm.

We will ship the 12mm Mini Prime to every one around the middle of September or as soon as possible.    We will never rush a product to market until it ready for your demanding needs and long lasting quality.  We thank you for your patience and we are confident in our decision to delay the 12mm until it is ready in middle of September.

New Sony E and C Mounts, Lens Support

Good news for you who have invested in our Kickstarter, we will be making a special offer to all Kickstarter backers for our latest product updates which include a new Sony E and C Mount options as well as a lens support.

We often get emails asking for adaptability of the Veydra Mini Primes to other cameras than M4/3.  The physical design of the Mini Primes is too small and the flange depth is too shallow (distance of the back of the lens to the sensor) to accommodate adaptation to Canon EF or PL mount.  However, we can offer other shallow flange depth mounts like Sony E and C Mount.  Therefore we will offer a Sony E mount for the Veydra 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and soon to be 85mm lenses in APS-C mode coverage on all Sony NEX or E mount cameras including the Sony A7s, A7RII, A6000, FS-700, and FS-7.

We will also offer a C Mount for direct mounting on Super16 film cameras and Digital Bolex cameras with no need for adapters.  The C Mount will work on all current Veydra Mini Prime lenses except the 50mm which will require it’s own dedicated C Mount.

There has been some significant discussion online about the inherent loose nature of the Micro4/3 mount.  This is not so much as design flaw on the part of camera manufacturers as it is matter of original intention for the mount.  PL mounts were made for “positive lock” on cinema cameras for heavy cinema lenses.  Micro4/3 mount was meant for very small lightweight still photo lenses and therefore, when we put a heavier lens like the Veydra Mini Prime on it, the lens will move a bit.

We have addressed the issue by making a lens support which we will put on our website soon and send a special offer to Kickstarter backers.  This will resolve the twisting of the mount and resulting image shift.  When we originally designed the Veydra Mini Primes, we considered adding a built in lens support but it would have increased the size of the lens and complexity of manufacture so we decided to wait and see if a support would be required.  Again, we apologize for the delay in this support as we expected to have it completed by now however it proved to be its own design challenge which we have resolved.  We will ship the lens support for interface with 15mm LWS Rod systems in October.

Jim and I thank everyone for their patience in all things Veydra on Kickstarter and we are glad to see so many people are happy with their lenses.  We will meet our now final September delivery date for the 12mm and look forward to seeing all the awesome content you all have been creating and will continue to create with our craftmanship.


Ryan Avery