William Von Tagen

Shooting Globally

William von Tagen is a writer and director, known for Johanna: Unplugged (2013), The Dangling Conversation (2009) and Almosting It (2016). Based out of Boise, Idaho, William has had no trouble traveling the world to get the shots and stories he’s after.

William’s team recently wrapped his new film After Walpurgisnacht, shooting film with the Blackmagic Pocket camera, recording RAW, and the 12mm/16mm/25mm/35mm line of Veydra mft micro cine lenses. Willam particularly praised the lenses, saying: “They were phenomenal in every way imaginable. The images created are pristine and the compact, uniform nature of the glass made them a joy to handle on a shoot where compact, quality gear was key.”

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Emmanuel Pampuri

A Collaborative One-Man Band

Award winning Filmmaker, Cinematographer & Producer, Emmanuel Pampuri started in 1991 as a photographer assistant. Based in Paris, he likes to be able to work with either a big crew or as a one-man band. He was the director of hundreds of concerts for European television and worked for famous musician like Herbie Hancok, John Mc Laughlin, All Green, BB King, Slayer, Burning Spear, Placebo, PJ Harvey, Muse, Kellys and Bjork.

Because he knows cameras very well he his also consultant for camera manufacturers. Creativity and quality are the most important things. As Emmanuel says, “it’s not just the tool who create the movie, it’s not just the tools who makes pictures beautiful, it’s the talent, the eye and the passion of peoples who create it.”

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Sean Meehan

Making Cool Stuff

Sean is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, working in many different crew capacities on feature films, commercials, web content and corporate pieces. As a director, he’s frequently working with great tech companies, creating video content that takes the form of either a web commercial or documentary-style user spotlights.

A total gear nerd, Sean is always eager to work with new, exciting gear. He recently used the Veydra Mini Primes on a project for Medisafe.

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Noam Kroll

An Innovative and Creative Rebel

Noam is an LA-based filmmaker who has worked in the film and television industry in many different capacities over the years, but primarily as a director, cinematographer and colorist. He approaches filmmaking in a very hands-on manner based on his background in cinematography and post-production, which has led him to DP and edit many of his own projects.

Noam focuses on harnessing the power of tools in order to create stunning images and projects without having to rely on a huge budget. His current kit includes the Veydra MFT Cinema Lens Kit which he uses to create innovative and stunning images.

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