Veydra Mirrorless Mini Prime 5 lens Set with Case: 12, 16, 25, 35, 50mm T2.2

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Available in Micro4/3 (MFT) and C-Mount. Also available in Sony E mount (2K center crop only for Sony) by special request.

Purpose built for cinema acquisition applications, all Veydra lenses feature constant volume focus, 0.8 cinema pitch gears on the iris/focus rings, constant T-Stop, and common front diameter for quick lens changes in a production environment.

All Veydra lenses exceed 4K resolution and are constructed of the finest grade aluminum and optical glass elements with multi-coating for color consistency. Veydra lenses are designed with quality and value in mind. All Veydra products are priced at the absolute minimum retail price to help you achieve your creative vision.

The Lenses

The Veydra Mini Prime 12mm T2.2 lens is a wide angle focal length. This Veydra lens allows for wide angle views such as scene establishing shots or handheld/aerial gimbal use.

The Veydra Mini Prime 16mm T2.2 lens is a mid to wide focal length and is one of our most popular lens designs. This Veydra lens is great for everyday and handheld/aerial gimbal use.

The Veydra Mini Prime 25mm T2.2 lens is a standard to mid-wide focal length. This Veydra lens most closely replicates a natural human eye field of view on Micro4/3 cameras and a mid-wide field of view on APS-C sensor cameras.

The Veydra Mini Prime 35mm T2.2 lens is a standard focal length. This Veydra lens is perfect for portrait shots or interviews on Micro4/3 cameras and standard focal length on APS-C sensors.

The Veydra Mini Prime 50mm T2.2 lens is a telephoto focal length on Micro4/3 cameras and a standard focal length on Sony APS-C sized sensors. This Veydra lens is perfect for detail, portrait, and longer shots where a normal to tight field of view is required.

The Case

This is a 6-hole case custom made for the Veydra Mini Primes. The insert is made from high impact foam and features a low-pile top surface for a finished look. The case is manufactured by Seahorse and features a locking system that automatically and safely seals your gear against water, air and dust. Its tough exterior will protect your lenses against impact, providing safe, secure protection from the elements. Built-in padlock holes give extra safety.

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Micro 4/3

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