Veydra Mini Prime 35mm T2.2

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The Veydra Mini Prime 35mm T2.2 lens is a standard focal length. This Veydra lens is perfect for portrait shots or interviews on Micro4/3 cameras and standard focal length on APS-C sensors.

Available in Micro4/3 (MFT), C-Mount, Sony FZ, and Sony E Mount. The Veydra 35mm T2.2 lens features a 31mm image circle and covers all current production APS-C sized sensors.

Purpose built for cinema acquisition applications, all Veydra lenses feature constant volume focus, 0.8 cinema pitch gears on the iris/focus rings, constant T-Stop, and common front diameter for quick lens changes in a production environment.

All Veydra lenses exceed 4K resolution and are constructed of the finest aircraft grade aluminum and optical glass elements with multi-coating for color consistency.

Veydra lenses are designed with quality and value in mind. All Veydra products are priced at the absolute minimum retail price to help you achieve your creative vision.

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Weight 1.94 lbs
Angle of view

27.8 degrees

Image Circle


Focus Rotations

300 degrees

Front Outside Diameter


Filter Threads



T 2.2 – 22

Close Focus


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    I’ve never owned a 35mm prime and the Veydra T2.2 is such a beautiful lens. It’s sharp but has a very cinematic look that’s just as good as Canon’s cine primes and affordable. If you own the Sony A7rii or A7Sii then definitely must get your hands on these mini primes!

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    I use this lens as my 70mm close up for talking heads, it’s great! I used to use an 85mm Canon as my go to CU, but since I received my Veydra set I’ve never looked back. The image quality is fantastic, and the 70mm equivalent gives me a bit of extra room to play in. When paired with a wide shot from my Veydra 25mm it’s delivered some really impressive results.

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